MVP Success Stories | Amanda & Jackie

MVP Success Stories | Amanda & Jackie



Horse Name: LL Frenchmans Jackie "Jackie"

Breed: AQHA

Age: 14

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Owner: Amanda Manolis


Jackie has been a part of my life for 9 years, she is very talented with a lot of heart and work ethic. Jackie and I compete in barrel racing and pole bending. She is the horse that I can rely on, she runs the same pattern every time I swing a leg over her.  Jackie will be in our family for the rest of her life, I consider her to be my once in a lifetime horse.


In May 2013, after a weekend barrel race, I was trail riding with Jackie and she began having tremors and sweating profusely. This was the first time Jackie had tied-up. In the following days, we ran blood tests and had a muscle biopsy done to find out Jackie was diagnosed with PSSM. We worked closely with Dr. Stephanie Valberg DVM at the University of Minnesota that year trying to get her back to where she originally was. During the time, we tried various low starch, high fat feeds and muscle/immune support supplements along with a consistent schedule of interval training, but she never seemed to be 100% since the initial tying up episode.


Early 2014, In-Sync, a new supplement by MVP was released. I liked the comprehensive formula with key ingredients such as Natural Vitamin E, Selenium, DMG & Magnesium. We decided to give it a try and saw great results! In-Sync has since become an essential part of Jackie’s feeding program. She has the work ethic and stamina to run again and she has been able to return to barrel racing. I still use caution, but we are able to compete at 3-day barrel races again without worry, which I consider to be a huge success! I do not believe that she would be where she is today without the In-Sync. It has contributed to making her healthy and happy again.





In-Sync is formulated for supporting muscle tone, immune and metabolic function by combining key ingredients such as Magnesium, Selenium, DMG & *Natural Vitamin E.  The Natural Vitamin E in In-Sync is 2-2 ½ time more bioavailable than synthetic Vitamin E. It also has a high level of the amino acid (lysine) to help build healthy muscle and B vitamins to support nerves and red blood cells. In-Sync costs approximately $1.91 per day to feed.

Disclaimer: In-Sync is recognized solely as nutritional support adjunct with proper low carb diet, not as a treatment for PSSM metabolic dysfunction.