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We all know the old saying "no hoof no horse" and Spurr's Big Fix is no less than miraculous when it comes to conditioning dry, brittle or cracked hooves!  Farriers love it because they can simply spray it on the foot, wait a moment and trim a much more pliable hoof.  Highly effective on White Line Disease & a powerhouse on Thrush.  Literally spray and watch as the black runs out of the crevices around the frog and drips off the hoof.

Spurr's Big Fix is extremely effective product for general wound care. Both antiseptic and soothing, the solution quickly penetrates the affected areas and goes to work.  And, because it's a convenient spray, it reaches those deeper recess so hard reach with thicker ointments.

Rain Rot?  Spurr's Big Fix is very effective for treating Rain Rot, see what a difference after only two weeks of using the product.

Itchy Skin? / Bug Bites? / Skin Allergies?  Spurr's Big Fix's conditioning formula soothes inflamed skin quickly while the medication goes to work killing fungus and bacteria.  You'll notice a marked improvement in your horse’s skin condition after even the first application.  Ideal for re-growing hair, mane and tails, too!  Spray liberally over affected area daily and see new hair growth appear in days.  Use weekly as a preventative maintenance!

Works on dogs and cattle too!!


Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Iodine, Glycerin, Alcohol and other essential oils.


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How do I properly treat my horse’s hoof?
Spurr’s Big Fix comes in a simple, easy to use spray bottle with an adjustable spray tip. For the hoof, simply pick, clean and brush all foreign matter from the hoof. Apply a liberal coating of Spurr’s to both the sole as well as the entire outside of the hoof….your done….it’s that simple

How frequently should I apply Spurr's Big Fix?
It depends upon the severity or condition of the hoof. For severe Thrush and White Line we’d recommend using Spurr's on an every-other-day basis until the condition clears. Then use once a week for preventative maintenance.

How fast can I expect to see results on thrush?
One can expect to see immediate results on Thrush from the first application. Using Spurr’s on an every other day interval, one should expect to see no evidence of thrush within a couple of weeks. A preventative maintenance program of once a week should be adequate in keeping your horse’s hooves sound.

Will Spurr’s help brittle hooves?
Yes, Spurr’s will penetrate the hoof wall from every area where it's applied, therefore killing the fungus’s that contribute to brittle hooves as well as many other hoof conditions.

Why should my farrier use Spurr’s before he actually starts working on our horses?
Farriers are some of Spurr’s greatest users! The application of Spurr’s 10-15 minutes prior to the farrier working the horse’s hoof, will create a much more pliable hoof. Therefore making the farrier’s job easier in trimming, paring out the sole and rasping the hoof. He will also see increased life in his tools and not having to replace or sharpen his tools as often.
Will Spurr’s help my horse’s dry, hard, splitting hooves?
Yes……. Use of Spurr’s will add moisture back into the hoof therefore restoring flexibility. The hoof is designed to be flexible and if it can’t flex, unfortunately, the result is splitting. 

Will it work on severe Rain Rot?
Yes! Spurr’s is highly effective on Rain Rot as well as other skin related diseases, issues, problems. Spray on all affected areas. Repeat application every other day until condition clears.

Is Spurr’s messy to use?
No, not at all. Spurr’s Big Fix has a very pleasant aroma and was designed  to be used as a spray- there is no need for the user to even come in contact with the solution if they want to avoid it. Spurr’s Big Fix is safe for the horse, as well as for the user. There is no need to worry if you do get any on you. Spurr’s will not stain or discolor the concrete floor if being applied in wash stalls.

Is Spurr’s effective on scrapes & cuts?
Yes, Spurr’s has been very effective in treating scrapes and cuts. Visit our section under wound care. We have treated many minor cuts and scrapes, but do have pictures posted of a mare with a t-post injury, very serious. That particular mare was initially treated by a veterinarian. After the wound was cleaned, she was given a tetanus shot and then sprayed three times daily over the course of four weeks. The results are very compelling.


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