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8lb Exceed 6-Way

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Equimax® is quite different from all other horse wormers. In fact, it was the first horse wormer effective on all major Parasites, including tapeworms and bots in a single dose. Equimax® is an all-in-one, combination wormer containing two different active ingredients. The combination of ingredients including praziquantel is capable of treating multiple-specie infestations. This means Equimax® has the best combined efficacy and the broadest spectrum of activity of any wormer. Now apple flavored while supplies last. 

One tube treats up to 1,320 lbs. 


Manufacturer Rebates:


Receive $1.50 back per tube/dose or buy 12 and get $2.00 back per dose up to $24.00 (12 doses).  Offer expires 12/15/14 and must be redeemed by mail.  

Download rebate here: 




  • SKU: 33600052
  • Brand: Bimeda

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