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Premium 1-Year (6-tube) Rotational Dewormer Pack

This rotational deworming kit is the most convenient way to make sure you have the dewormers ready to use when you need them. Order one dewormer kit per horse.

Premium 1-Year Dewormer Pack:  6 tubes of dewormer including the important Praziquantel combination dewormers to assure your worm control includes tapeworms for one horse up to 1,200 lbs. for 12 months.

The kit includes:
January/February - 1 tube Oxibendazol or Fenbendazole (Our choice: Anthelcide EQ®)
March/April - 1 tube 
generic Zimecterin© Paste 
May/June - 1 tube Pyrantel Pamoate
July/August - 1 tube Oxibendazol or Fenbendazole (Our choice: Anthelcide EQ®)
September/October - 1 tube Praziquantel Combo Paste (Zimecterin Gold - Exp. 8/2016)
November/December - 1 tube Pyarantel Pamoate

Note: This deworming kit is designed to provide a basic rotational deworming program which specifies deworming your horse every other month. If you suspect your horse may be infected with tapeworms or for a customized deworming program tailored to your region or conditions, please consult your veterinarian for your treatment options.

Kit is based on the active ingredients listed and we reserve the right to substitute the lowest priced equivalent dewormer to complete each kit. We will ship your entire year’s supply of dewormer with expiration dates of over a year away allowing you to “lock-in” your deworming costs for the next year today.





Single dose:  3 or more at $36.50 each



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  • Arthur


    Friday, July 27, 2012

    Straight forward and so easy to keep track of. For our training facility, it is a huge time saver.