Gastro-Plex Paste

Gastro-Plex Paste

MVP Gastro-Plex Paste


Did you know everyday activities that although may not seem stressful, can often put your horse at risk for gastric upset? Competition, training, trailering, confinement, and changes in routine all play a role in gastric health. Gastro-Plex paste is widely used by leading professionals and is considered a “must have” for many horse owners. Gastro-Plex also comes as pellet form with a more complete formula for daily gastric support, however Gastro-Plex paste is recommended as an added boost for gastric support 1-2 hours prior to competition or any stressful event. Staying level and focused can be key to competing with confidence! 


Ingredients in Review

Gastro-Plex paste includes the newest of generation of ingredients recognized to support the integrity of soft tissue stomach lining against the abrasiveness of gastric acid. Some of these include:

Gelatin – (4,000 mg) adds a protective layer to coat the stomach, contains peptides that strengthen mucus lining the stomach.


Glycine – (2,000 mg) a neutral amino acid that has been shown to inhibit gastric secretion and to protect the gastric mucosa against chemically and stress-induced gastric lesions.


Mannose – (1,120 mg) is a prebiotic, complex sugar that aids in tissue re-modeling and feeds lactobacillus (good) bacteria that provide a protective shield for the mucosal membranes of the gut.


Rider Raves


“I tried Gastro-Plex paste for the first time this weekend as a pre-race paste. WOW! My mare felt so much better and fired harder during our run. Last time we were at that arena we ran a 19. This weekend we ran a 17.2 to get a check. The paste is the only thing I changed. I’ll definitely use it every run from now on!” – Ashley (Ava, MO)


“Tigger was her normal anxious self in the stall, so I took her out and tied her to the trailer where she still paced so I gave her Gastro-Plex paste. About 40 minutes after when I tied Tigger back to the trailer, I couldn't believe it! She stood completely quiet, hauled great, and didn't come off the trailer completely soaked (which is a huge improvement in itself). She clocked extremely well this weekend too. I'm super happy with the results of the Gastro-Plex paste.” – Abbie (Marissa, IL)


“Gastro-Plex is a life-saver and my Go-To when on the road! My horses are more comfortable and have fewer gastric issues – they eat well and rest better!” – 2X NFR Qualifier Stevi Hillman


Stevi Hillman & MCM Imasharpguy



MVP Tip: Giving Pastes to the Picky Horse

Majority of horses love the taste of the MVP pastes, but it doesn’t mean every horse is willing to cooperate. Luckily, we’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeve to help teach your horse it is something to look forward to! 

First it is good to make sure you are properly administering paste:


  1. Make sure to securely tie your horse and check his mouth for any hay or feed which may cause him to spit out the paste.


  1. Set your tube to the correct dosing amount.


  1. Place the syringe tip at a 45-degree angle into the corner of your horse’s mouth, where there are no teeth.


  1. Administer the dose as you wiggle the syringe around the horse’s mouth to stimulate movement and spread the paste across the back of his tongue.

    Hint: Make sure you don’t just deposit a single lump, which he can easily spit out.


  1. Raise your horse’s head for a few seconds to encourage him to swallow.


  1. Make sure you have given the full dose, if any remains, repeat the steps above.


If you still find your horse resisting the syringe, give the following techniques a try to help set the stage for easy administering in the future:


  1. Wash an old dosing syringe and fill with something tasty such as honey or applesauce. For a week or so, offer it to your horse every day to make a positive routine out of it.


  1. Then coat the outside of the MVP syringe with the same treat and offer it to your horse. Make sure you always follow up with the original “treat” tube as well!


Make sure you give an occasional “treat” tube as well so your horse will never pick up on the pattern. Keep it unpredictable, this is key!



Gastro-Plex paste is available in 2 dose tubes for $10.45.



Gastro-Plex Paste


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Gastro-Plex paste provides nutritional support in the presence of gastric upset and is not to be mistaken as a treatment for ulcers. The only FDA approved medication for treating ulcers is UlcerGard®/GastroGard®. This contains the active ingredient omeprazole, which works by shutting down the production of gastric acid to allow ulcers to heal.


Contacting your veterinarian is the first step in identifying specific health issues with your horse. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat.