In the Saddle with Sharin Hall

In the Saddle with Sharin Hall



Professional Barrel Racer and Trainer

Career Highlights:

Speed Horse Derby Champion

WPRA Derby Champion

The American Rodeo Top 4 Finalist

Quarter Horse Congress Barrel Racing Sweepstakes Champion

 Isabella Futurity and Slot Race Champion

BBR World Finals Futurity Champion

Patriot Futurity Champion

2x Pacwest Futurity Champion

BBR 1D Shoot Out Champion


Sharin Hall, professional barrel racer and trainer, was raised in Sunbury, Ohio. She has had a love for horses from an early age. Her mother, Patricia Hall, showed western pleasure and halter and her father, Jackson Hall, was a top barrel racing trainer and competitor. Her father and uncle, Lefe, were an inspiration to her at an early age for competition and training. Since then, Sharin Hall has made a name for herself in the barrel racing industry and currently resides in Harrah, OK where she owns and operates Winning Edge Stables, a premier training facility.


Sharin Hall specializes in futurity horses and continues to be a top competitor in her sport as evidenced by her impressive list of accomplishments and titles. You may have heard of her 4 year old mare, Dreaming of Foose also known as ‘Cali’. They’ve had a great year so far, including winning the Futurity Champion title at the 2017 Patriot and BBR World Finals.


“Dreaming of Foose is my gift from God. She’s a full-fledged racehorse that loves to turn barrels. She’s very confident with a cool personality and runs very smooth, which makes her deceiving when the clock lights up. She really leaves a barrel hard.” Hall explained.


Although running a barrel pattern may only take 16 seconds, getting to that point is where most time is spent. Competing requires preparation in every aspect before one can expect a horse to make a run. But preparing for competition is no stranger to the futurity veteran.


“Dreaming of Foose gets more slow work than fast work. We ride 3-4 times a week, depending on our competition schedule. She is very fit, but also gets days off to rest her body. Prior to any run or long hauls in the trailer, Dreaming of Foose gets Gastro-Plex paste. She is also maintained daily with the help of Gastro-Plex pellets, In-Sync, and Exceed 6-Way.”


Soundness and Ulcers are Sharin Hall’s top priorities when asked about her biggest health concerns for a horse she is competing on.


“I have a consistent training program that keeps their body balanced and prepared to make competitive runs. Our sport is very demanding on their body, so I make sure they feel good from the inside out. My go-to products include Exceed 6-Way, Gastro-Plex, and In-Sync. I’ll also use Vitamin E/Se on mares in training or competing and Calmex for any hot or fractious horses.”

“Once they begin full time training they are put on Gastro-Plex pellets to help provide leverage against ulcers. Some horses get more anxiety when you haul or compete, so I will add Gastro-Plex paste for an immediate result in buffering the stomach.”


It is clear that Sharin Hall has a deep passion for training champion horses and strives to help anyone willing to learn and become the best they can. When talking about someone trying to compete on a professional level, her words of wisdom speak from experience saying,


“Get mentored by a professional and find out what it really takes to not only get to the top, but to stay there. It’s a mentally challenging sport, as well as very physical.”

Sharin Hall and Dreaming of Foose.


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