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Please note that these vaccines are on sale while current  supplies last.  We cannot guarantee availability and prices are subject to change at any time to reflect what is in stock.  

We will contact you if we cannot complete your order- as ordered.  

Feel free to call and check stock/availbility anytime 1-800-328-6652.



**West Nile and West Nile Combo Vaccines:


 Prestige V + WNV  

Ten dose vial: Reg. $439.90  SALE:  $399.90

 Vetera Goldxp  ALL IN 1 SHOT!   

Ten dose vial: Reg. $459.00  SALE: $449.00  


Encevac T + WNV  

Ten dose vial: Reg. $259.00  SALE:  $235.00


West Nile Innovator + EWT  

Single doses: Reg. $32.95  SALE: $29.95


Vetera 4xp + West Nile*


Ten dose vial: Reg. $439.00  SALE:  $399.00

*Only 1 in stock


EquiNile (WNV)

Single doses: Reg. $30.45  SALE: $20.95

Ten dose vial: Reg. $255.00  SALE:  $194.90


Vetera WNV 


Single doses: Reg. $27.95  SALE: $21.95 (Short dated product only)


***Rhinopneumonitis Vaccine***



Ten dose vial: Reg. $159.90  SALE:  $154.00 


Vetera 2xp


Single doses: Reg. $25.45  SALE:  $24.95

Ten dose vial: Reg. $229.90  SALE:  $224.90




 West Nile Virus & Eastern Equine Encephalitis at record levels in the last few years! 

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