Summer Survival Guide: 4 Challenges Your Horse May Face This Summer

Summer Survival Guide: 4 Challenges Your Horse May Face This Summer

Summer is likely any horse owner’s favorite season; it means longer, warmer days to ride as well as traveling for shows and events. But for every reason for why we love summer, there are many reasons why this season is especially hard for horses. From biting flies to exceptionally hot days, horses could use some extra support to help stay happy and healthy. The following are four common challenges horses and owners face during the summer, as well as ways to battle back all summer long.


  1. Proper Hydration

Dehydration is a serious fluid deficiency and can cause serious health problems in a horse including colic, organ failure, and in extreme cases, death. Though dehydration can happen any time of the year, it’s more common during the summer, when sweating increases a horse’s fluid loss rate.


You can recognize dehydration in your horse relatively easily. The horse will be lethargic (slow/tired), have dry and sticky eyes, nose and mouth, and have “sunken” looking eyes.


Prevention: Ensure your horse has plenty of fresh water available all times of the day, even after exercise. There is a myth that letting your horse drink water after hard work can causes colic, but it doesn’t. If you think your horse isn’t drinking enough water, you can flavor the water with a splash of apple juice.


  1. Immune Support While Traveling

Ensuring your horse’s immune system can fight off both common and uncommon bacteria and viruses is important when traveling, especially for senior horses and young babies. Any horse, however, can experience a decreased immune system while traveling, and the main reason is due to stress.


Because even small levels of stress are inevitable for a horse when it’s traveling, and because it’s one of the major factors that affects a horse’s immune system, be sure he has the immune support he needs to stay healthy. United Vet Equine’s line of Med Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP) has a large variety of immune support supplements, perfect for when your team is traveling.


  1. Allergies

During the summer, horses can come into contact with a wide variety of allergens. Common horse allergens include:

  • Skin allergens - flies, midges, mitres
  • Respiratory allergens - airborne particles of dust and pollen
  • Ingested allergens - found in certain forage and food


Prevention: Keeping your horses away from harmful allergens, as well as protecting them with barriers like sheets or sprays, are great lines of defense. Our various immune support, fly control, and respiratory support supplements can also help keep your horse healthy and feeling his best this summer.


  1. Gastric Problems

Heavy sweating and reduced water intake are variables that can lead to a serious gastric issue called colic. Colic caused by dehydration typically occurs at the pelvic flexure, the area of the large intestine where it doubles back on itself. If a horse has a simple impaction colic, he may seem mildly uncomfortable, however if the blockage in the intestine stops blood flow in the area, the pain can intensify, and the horse may require immediate veterinary care.


Prevention: Because of their long and complex digestive system, it’s common for horses to experience colic. However you can take the necessary steps to support your horse’s digestive system by ensuring he has plenty of water at all times, and with MVP’s gastric support supplements.


Check out United Vet Equine’s long line of health supplements for your horse, as well as other care supplies and products you might need this summer. For more information about United Vet’s MVP supplements, contact our team today at 800-328-6652.